The Wand

Pain-Free Injections

At Wilton House we understand that some of our patients can be fearful or uncomfortable with standard injections so we are proud to be able to offer The Wand – Computer Assisted Injection System.

People commonly believe that any pain associated with injections is a result of the needle piercing the skin, but it is actually the surge of liquid into the tissue that causes the ‘sting’.

The Wand computer ensures meticulous delivery of anesthesia at a controlled rate which eliminates the surge of liquid, and the associated pain.

Priced At Only £15

  • Remove the pain, and the fear, from your dental injections.
  • Perfect for anxious patients and children.
  • Looks like a pen, not a needle
  • Fast numbing process means a shorter visit
  • Precise anesthesia – no unwanted numbing of the cheek, lip or tongue.

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