Our Fees

At Wilton House we are proud to look after both NHS patients and patients who prefer to pay privately for their dental treatment. 

Patients who prefer private dentistry can choose to become a Wilton House Member by joining one of our pay-monthly dental health plans. 

Click on the options below to see our Pay-As-You-Go Private fees and standard NHS charges.

Clinical Examination: £36

Hygienist Scale and Polish: £51

X-ray: £12

Extractions: £80-£215

Amalgam Fillings (silver): £40-£165

Composite Fillings (white): £50-£220

Inlays: £300-£750

Cosmetic Crowns: (white inner): £250-£750

Dentures: £200-£800

Implant Retained Crown: from £1200

Home Whitening: £300

Power Whiten Laser: £661

Combo Whitening: £891

“The Wand” Pain-Free Anesthesia: £15

If you pay for your NHS dental treatment, there are 3 standard charges:

£14.30 – examination, diagnosis and preventative care. If necessary, x-rays, scale and polish and planning for further treatment.

£46.00 – all necessary treatment covered by the £14.30 charge PLUS additional treatments such as fillings, root canal treatments or extractions.

£199.10 – all necessary treatments covered by the £14.30 and £46.00 charges PLUS crowns, dentures, bridges. 


– There is no charge for an NHS prescription.

– Denture repairs are free. However, if you lose or damage your dentures beyond repair it will cost £58.50 to replace them.


For further information, or to check if you are exempt from NHS dental charges, please see NHS Direct Wales or contact Cardiff and The Vale on their Dental Helpline: 02920 444 500.


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